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Belt Puncher With Case
Belt Puncher With Case
Zipped Case With Punch
Leather Hole Punch
Rotary Punch
Rotary Hole Punch
Hole Punches
Hole Punch Pliers
Leather Hole Punch With Case
Hole Punch
Hole Puncher For Craft Projects Punched
Belt Puncher With CaseZipped Case With PunchLeather Hole PunchRotary PunchRotary Hole PunchHole PunchesHole Punch PliersLeather Hole Punch With CaseHole PunchHole Puncher For Craft Projects Punched
Pro Hole Punch with Zip Up Case


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Professional Quality Pro Hole Punch

The Pro Hole Punch is ideal for belts, bags, saddlery, shoes, pet collars, store cards and many different craft projects. We think you will love it!

Professional quality with the strength and precision you demand, the Pro Hole Punch is designed to make light work of tough jobs. It will cut neat holes in many different types of material including leather, plastic, canvas, cardboard, rubber & polyurethane – and with 6 different holes sizes to choose and a large punch plate for stability. It is ideal for most jobs.

Pro Hole Punch Features:

  • Double Lever Action – Punches holes easily without strength.
  • Comfortable PVC Grip Handles – Ideal for repetitive work.
  • Makes Perfect Round Holes – 6 different hole sizes.
  • Extra Large Punch Plate – Plus bonus spare punch plates & screwdriver.

Simple to use – Rotate the wheel to the hole size and click lock in place. Place material on the punch plate and squeeze the handles together to make perfect holes every time.

Simple to use – Rotate the wheel to the hole size and click lock in place. Place material on the punch plate and squeeze the handles together to make perfect holes every time.

Double Lever Action

Designed with a strong, double lever mechanism to take the strain while punching holes. This makes it easier to punch through tough materials.

Comfortable Grip

The comfort grip handles are made from durable pvc and are perfect for repetitive craft work. Metal handles can cause blisters and sore pressure points when used frequently. Our handles are designed with a non slip, cushioned grip to help prevent damage and strain to your hands.

Perfect Round Holes

Made from high strength manganese steel and precise machining. So you can punch perfect round holes every time. Six hole sizes to choose from.

Large Punch Plate

The extra large punch plate makes it easier and more practical to position your material and hold it in place while you punch your hole. The small, circular copper insert is the actual punch pad and the large surround gives a stable surface for the material. The copper is ideal to help make a clean cut.

6 Different Hole Sizes – Hole size dimensions are: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm.

Professional quality and built to last so you can buy with confidence.

Environmentally friendly packaging. Good for the planet and convenient for you!

FREE BONUS – You want a hole punch that will punch precise holes for a long, long time. Right? So you will also receive spare punch plates with screwdriver in a handy box that stores neatly between the handles when not in use. Plus! If you ever need to replace your punch plates we can send you more. Just contact us for details and to order.

Choose the Pro Hole Punch with confidence! Ideal for:

Belts, bags, shoes, saddlery, pet collars, store cards, biker gear, yacht canvas and many different craft projects.

The Pro Hole Punch Instructions

  1. Release the clasp from the handles.
  2. Choose your hole size by firmly rotating the wheel. Note the arrow on the wheel.
  3. Place the material on the punch plate and squeeze the handles together with a firm grip.
  4. Release the handles to reveal your neat hole.
  5. To store your Pro Hole Punch push the clasp over the handle. The spare punch plate and screwdriver can be stored in their box between the handles of the Pro Hole Punch for convenience.
Leather Hole Punch Instructions

Craft Project using Pro Hole Punch

Watch a video tutorial by Lindsay Weirich aka The Frugal Crafter, on how to use your Pro Hole Punch for a fun and simple craft project >>>

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