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Our magnets are Grade 5 (Y30) strength which is strong enough for many craft projects such as bottle top crafts, and home use applications.
Size 25mm x 4mm is suitable for many uses.

Best value, high quality packs of 100.

Ceramic disc magnets are brittle so we pack them carefully into a strong box with foam padding so they arrive in perfect condition.

Strong Grade 5 Disc Magnets for Many Applications.
Great Value Bulk Buy – 100 Pieces in a Box.

  • Can be Painted.
  • Can be Varnished.
  • Can be Glued.

Suitable for Use Outdoors, & Submersion in Water & Salt Water.
Can Hold 12 Sheets of 80gm A4 Paper.
Suitable for Many Household & Industrial Applications.
Popular Size for a Many Craft Ideas.

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