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What’s So Special About These Magnets?

Well, they are certainly high quality. These are Grade 5 (Y30) strength which is ideal for most craft applications.
The size 20mm x 3mm is suitable for many uses.
We supply packs of 100 because that gives you the best value we can offer.
Ceramic magnets are brittle so we pack them carefully into a rigid box with padding so you will get them undamaged and in perfect condition.

Ceramic Craft Magnets – Grade 5 is ideal for most crafts. 100 Piece Best Value Pack – Plenty to Go Round!

  • Can be Painted.
  • Can be Varnished.
  • Can be Glued.

Ideal for Outdoor Use or Submersing in Water & Salt Water.
Can Firmly Hold 8 Sheets of 80gm A4 Paper.
Suitable for Many Household Applications.
Indispensible for a Huge Range of Craft Ideas.

High Quality Grade 5 Magnets for endless possibilities.

Check out this Refrigerator Magnets video tutorial using the Skilled Crafter 20mm Craft Disc Magnets. Created by popular YouTuber SugarCoder 

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