100 Disc Magnets - 1 inch

Ceramic Ferrite Magnets - $25.95
Catalog no. sc98-1152
Magnet Features:
Strong Grade 5 Disc Magnets for Many Applications.
Great Value Bulk Buy - 100 Pieces in a Box.
Can be Painted.
Can be Varnished.
Can be Glued.
Suitable for Use Outdoors, & Submersion in Water & Salt Water.
Can Hold 12 Sheets of 80gm A4 Paper.
Suitable for Many Household & Industrial Applications.
Popular Size for a Many Craft Ideas.
Round Magnet
Grade 5 Magnets
1 inch Grade 5 Magnets

Why Choose Skilled Crafter Magnets?

  • Our magnets are Grade 5 (Y30) strength which is strong enough for many craft projects such as bottle top crafts, and home use applications.
  • Size 25mm x 4mm is suitable for many uses.
  • Best value, high quality packs of 100.
  • Ceramic disc magnets are brittle so we pack them carefully into a strong box with foam padding so they arrive in perfect condition.

Check out this short Refrigerator Magnets video tutorial using the Skilled Crafter 20mm Craft Disc Magnets. Created by popular YouTuber SugarCoder >>>

Refrigerator Magnets

It's the simplest ideas that can make the most impact!


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