Pottery Tools Set

Modeling Tools Set - $32.99
Catalog no. sc98-1034
Pottery Tools Features:
28 Various Tools in a 17 Piece Set
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Tools for Strength and Durability
Ideal for Clay Modeling, Sculpting, Wax Carving and Pumpkin Carving
Easy Clean and Quick to Dry
Professional Quality Tools at a Great Price
Professional Quality Modeling Tools

Skilled Crafter modeling set includes 28 individual styled modeling and sculpting tools in a 17 piece pottery tools set, some of which are double ended for convenience. Suitable for many different projects including clay and dough modeling, pottery making, wax carving, cake decorating, sugarcraft and pumpkin carving. They are made from stainless steel and aluminum for strength and endurance.

The full Pottery Tools Set includes:

  • 22 Various styled sculpting and modeling tools
  • Incising tools
  • Cleanup tools
  • Detail carving tools
  • 6 Ribbon tools

Artists tools are an extension of their hands and as such they have to be comfortable, durable and familiar. So the tools must be made to last a long time, be easy to clean and quick to dry. Fortunately our tools are all these things and more. They are made from strong material so they will not crack, splinter, break or rust and will give you many years of great work.

Some of the tools have taped handles for a comfortable grip. You can add more tape or remove it altogether to suit your preference. However some artists like to tape and thicken the grips to fit neatly in their hand.

Steel & Aluminium

Made from very durable stainless steel and aluminum so they will not rust, split or splinter and can last a lifetime.

Adaptable Design

Handles can be taped or left bare to suit your comfort. Use waterproof tape or insulation tape if required. 

Easy to Clean

Easy to wash clean and quick to dry, unlike wood tools that need airing, so very convenient for taking to class.

Loved by Artists

Professional quality, very durable and a great selection for you to love and use for many years.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” - Pablo Picasso

When inspiration strikes have the right tools!

The Full Set
Clay Tools Set Dimensions
6 Ribbon Tools
Ribbon Tools
Double Ended
Clay Modeling Tools Set
Wrapped for Comfort
Clay Tools Set
Great Selection
Pottery and Wax Carving Tools
Easy to Clean
Pottery Tools

Make these beautiful little trinket dishes with the Pottery Tool Set and this great tutorial by the talented Ally, aka YouTuber ChubbyChipmunksCrafts >>>

Pottery Tools Tutorial

Small and neat - our Pottery Tools were perfect for this project.


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