22 Piece Clay Tools Set

Clay Modeling Tools - $27.95
Catalog no. sc98-1042
Clay Tools Features:
38 Clay Modeling Tools in 22 Piece Wood & Metal Set.
Ideal for Clay, Ceramics, Polymer, Sugar Craft and Dough.
Includes Tools for Work on a Pottery Wheel.
Made from Ginkgo wood for a smooth finish.
FREE art sponge included in set..
Professional Quality Clay Tools Set

Our comprehensive 22 piece clay tools set is perfect for all soft modeling projects. We have included a great variety of tools to suit clay, polymer, ceramics and dough, as well as tools necessary for the pottery wheel and throwing.


Here's What You Get in The Set:

  • 8 (8") Uniquely Shaped Double Ended Detailing Tools - including serrated, skew, point, curved, bullnose and half-round.
  • 1 (6") Double Ended Detailing Tool - For detailing and sculpting clay.
  • Aluminum Pin/Needle Tool - Very versatile tool that can be used for detailing a pattern or incising clay, for cutting and trimming clay or even for measuring the depth of a slab of clay. Also handy for scoring your clay if you need to "knit" 2 pieces together.
  • Ball Stylus Tools - 7 sizes - Choice of sizes for detailing work.
  • Round Stick - A neat tool for rolling out clay.
  • Clay Hole Cutter - For making neat and precise holes in clay.
  • Heavy Duty Wire End Tool - For large scale cutting and scraping.
  • Double Wire End Tool - For finer cutting and scraping.
  • Rib - Used for smoothing and shaping while throwing.
  • Paddle - Used for patting the clay to shape it.
  • Serrated Metal Scraper - Used for smoothing, shaping, trimming and for marking a pattern.
  • Toggle Wire Cutter - Ideal for cutting clay and removing from potters wheel.
  • FREE - Handy Buffer Block - To maintain and keep your tools smooth

Watch the video tutorial using the Clay Tools Set to make a wonderful Hello Kitty cake. Created by popular YouTuber SugarCoder >>>

Clay Tools Tutorial

Our clay tools are so versatile, they were perfect for decorating this gorgeous and delicious cake.


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